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“Arbee deals with special variety of CRUDE FISH OILS, and prossed fish oil especially from Indian costs with an experience for more than a quarter century... “
Value-added Products

SARDINE FISHOIL-Refined Rich In Omega 3

Arbee is India’s largest producer and exporter of Omega-3 rich Sardine Fish Oil. The Arbee range of Omega-3 rich Sardine Fish Oil come in different varieties – Refined, de-odourised and multi-vitamin rich. This  wide range comes in two different segments – for human consumption and for veterinary use.
Sardine is the world’s best natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Thanks to its short life-span, Sardine has significantly less possibility to accumulate contaminants and other toxins present in seas. Precisely this makes Sardine the world’s best, safest source of Omega-3.
Being India’s largest in the segment, Arbee has own, sophisticated facilities to catch, extract and refine fish oil. Exactingly aligned, this backward and forward integration processes enable us to offer exceptional product quality as well as product safety standards.
Arbee Bio-marine’s Sardine Fish Oil is available in a wide range.
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SQUALENE-Refined Deodourised and decolourised

Arbee Bio-Marine is India’s largest processer and exporter of Squalene.We are Pioneers in extraction, processing and exportation of Shark Liver Oil varieties.Arbee’s over 30 years of tradition in fish oil extraction, refining and export enables us to offer superior quality and absolutely safe squalene. To be used as a natural food supplement for humans as well as for cosmetic use.
Extracted from shark liver oil through highly sophisticated refining processes, Arbee puts Sualene through exacting quality as well as safety upkeep procedures. The company adheres to top-of-the-line, global-class product safety assurance parameters.  Celebrated for its exceptional health-benefits, Squalene is widely used as a dietary supplement, as an ingredient in skin-care solutions.
Arbee Bio-Marine’s Squalene is available from 99.5% purity standards. 
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SHARK LIVER OIL-DAGE Refined deodourised

India’s pioneers in the extraction, processing and export of Shark Liver Oil, Arbee Bio-Marine brings you a wide range in Shark Liver Oil varieties. In Refined,  De-odourised  forms.
What sets Arbee Shark Liver Oil different is its superior quality and industry-specific varieties.  Sourced from deep-sea sharks caught in nets as by-product,  Arbee extracts the liver oil through advanced extraction technology and processes. Refined and processed in state-of-the-art plants, our shark liver oil range passes through stringent quality as well as safety standard tests. The Arbee range comes in 20 - 68% of DAGE and 10  - 26% AKGs
Arbee Bio-Marine’s Shark Liver Oil range is available in diverse standards. 
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REFINED FISHOIL-Deodurised and decolourised

In an emerging world, fish oil is finding more and more avenues and applications. Our dedicated R&D efforts have developed better processing technologies, so as to adapt fish oil to the virtually limitless possibilities. The latest addition in our product range is refined, de-odourised, de-colourised fish oil. This oil finds various applications in processed food industry. Refined, de-odourised, de-colourised fish oil makes the perfect coating agent in food industry.

Value-added products

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