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“Arbee deals with special variety of CRUDE FISH OILS, and prossed fish oil especially from Indian costs with an experience for more than a quarter century... “
R&D Technology

Being India's pioneers in fish oil extraction and export, Arbee Bio-Marine continuously makes significant efforts and investments in research and development. Our consistent efforts have enabled us to offer superior quality Omega-3 and vitamin rich Sardine Fish Oil, Squalene and Shark Liver Oil which come on par with stipulated international standards.

When it comes to product purity standards, the Arbee range is renowned as the world's finest. Our consistent pursuits in development have enabled us to offer environmentally-safe bio-diesel and glycerene from purely natural sources. Our pioneering innovation efforts have also resulted in the creation of a wide variety in fish oil, which comes suited to different applications – right from a natural food supplement ingredient to veterinary grade food supplements to cosmetic applications to unique food industry applications.
Value-added products

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Generic products