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“Arbee deals with special variety of CRUDE FISH OILS, and processed fish oil especially from Indian coasts with an experience for more than a quarter century... “
Welcome to Arbee
Welcome to Arbee, India's leading player in fish oil extraction, refining and export. Founded in 1980, Arbee's mission is to provide superior quality and safe sardine fish oil, shark liver oil, squalene in refined as well as crude forms.
Pioneering research and development capabilities enabled us to explore and develop vitamin-enriched, Omega-3 rich, de-odourised sardine fish oil. Aligning our product excellence with the rising demand for superior quality Omega-3 rich sardine fish oil, Arbee successfully established a frontline position in global value-added fish oil business.
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We Are
Fish Oil Manufactures/
Pioneering leaders in R&D,
product innovation
The world's most trusted source for Omega-3 rich Sardine Fish Oil, AKG rich shark liver oil, Re-constituted fish oil, Squalene, Bio-diesel
Dedicated to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction
Our products
Omega-3 rich Sardine Fish Oil
Refined, de-odourised Squalene
Refined, de-odourised Shark Liver Oil - DAGE
Refined, de-odourised, de-colourised fish oil
Omega 3 fatty acids rich supplement for pets
Omega 3 fatty acids rich supplement for cattle
Generic products
Sardine Fish Oil
Shark Liver Oil
Squaline Oil
Mixed Fish Oil
Reconstituted Fish Oil