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“Arbee deals with special variety of CRUDE FISH OILS, and prossed fish oil especially from Indian costs with an experience for more than a quarter century... “
Bio Diesel

Arbee Bio-Marine contributes significantly to make the environment greener and safer, by producing bio-diesel in large quantities.Arbee Bio-Marine is largest producer and manufacturer of Bio-diesel and Glycerin in Kerala,India.The company’s bio-diesel refinery employs the latest refining technology and equipment and quality assurance procedures. Arbee bio-diesel can be directly used in pure form, or in combination with petro-diesel. With virtually no sulphur content, bio-diesel has better lubricating properties and much higher cetane ratings. Bio-diesel is also proven to reduce fuel system wear. Arbee Bio-Marine’s bio-diesel come ideally suited for diesel engines. It also finds wider application as heating fuel for boilers.
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Crude Glycerin
Arbee Bio-Marine is India’s largest producer of bio-origin glycerin. The company produces enough quantity to cater to the increasing demand for glycerin, globally.

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